Fourth Annual Regional Art Juried Exhibition and Dieter Balzer Exhibition

The show currently featured in the Forsyth Galleries is our Fourth Annual Regional Art Juried Exhibition.  The first exhibition, held in 2009, consisted of only 42 entries.  This year we received 242 entries from 87 artists and, of these, were able to exhibit 76 works from 43 artists from South and Central Texas.  Notably we have been able to feature a wider range of media for this exhibition.  The first annual juried exhibition consisted exclusively of painting, sculpture, and glass.  The current display expanded the scope to also include drawing, photography, mixed media, fiber arts, quilting, digital video, and metalwork.

The current exhibition runs until August 18th, 2012.  The next show will contain pieces of Steuben and Tiffany glass from the Runyon Collection, permanently housed at the Forsyth Galleries.  These pieces will be on display from September 3rd to September 29th.  Running concurrently with the exhibition of Steuben and Tiffany glass will be a showing of Maiolica pottery from the Marion Byrd Collection and will be on display from from September 3rd until November 2nd.

Steuben Aurene Vase, circa 1905-10

Majolica pottery is tin-glazed earthen earthenware and was originally produced with its characteristic opaque white glaze beginning in the 9th Century in Iraq and then spreading to the far reaches of Western Europe by the 16th Century.  It is typically decorated with brightly colored paintings to create dynamic and engaging scenes often depicting historic and legendary events.

Dish from Deruta, Italy, dating to the 2nd quarter of the 16th Century. Housed at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

The MSC James R. Reynolds Student Art Gallery’s current exhibition features work by Dieter Balzer (1958- ).  Balzer was born in Germany and currently works in Berlin.  He studied at the Government College of Art and Design in Bergen, Norway, the College of Art in Chesterfield, Great Britain, and Heidelberg University in Heidelberg, Germany.  He has exhibited in group and solo shows across Europe, Canada, and the United States.  Balzer has been exploring three-dimensional picture-objects and modular sculptures since the mid-1980s.  The modular system allows for a multitude of combinations of identical elements. The pieces are made from MDF and adhesive foil.  Balzer’s colorful, geometric abstraction gives the pieces depth and interest.  This exhibition was organized by Gallery Sonja Roesch in Houston, Texas, and runs until August 24th.


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