Art in the News!

For our Friday post we have links to stories concerning art in the news.  The arts are always popping up in interesting news stories, so, keep your eyes peeled as you’re reading the morning paper or checking the news online!

Herbert Vogel, post clerk and incredible art collector with over 5,000 pieces in a one bedroom apartment, dies at the age of 89.  Rest in peace, Mr. Vogel.  Click here.

July 23rd was the 40th anniversary of the Landsat Satellite program and the USGS and NASA have released the top 5 LandSat images.  The earth as art: click here.

In the hubbub surrounding the London Olympics, the occurrence of Olympic themed street art and graffiti has skyrocketed.  Click here.

In Memphis, TN, the Memphis College of Art is auctioning off the majority of its collection to ease financial strain.  Click here.

Viktor Veckselberg wins a claim to recover financial losses after discovering the painting purchased at auction for 1.7 million pounds (2.6 million US dollars) was not painted by Boris Kustodiev as advertised.  Click here.

Andrew Rogers creates landscape art sculptures best viewed from the air.  Click here for the gallery.

A construction crew has discovered 3,000 year old human remains in west Harris County, near Houston, TX.  Click here.

See how the Houston Museum of Natural Science installs a floating Eurypterid (ancient sea scorpion) sculpture in the new Hall of Paleontology.  Click here.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

Dinos abound at the Hall of Paleontology in the Houston Museum of Natural Science!

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