Art in the News!

19th Century mural in a Spanish church ruined by an octogenarian amateur restorer who didn’t have permission to work on the painting.  Makes Jesus look like a bloated hedgehog.  Click here!


Image of botched Spanish restoration goes viral and it’s image is made in candy.  Click here!


Help buy the land and build a Tesla museum!  Click here!



A little vintage fashion: rare images of Edwardian street style in London and Paris.  Click here!



Photographer uses an combination of bulb mode and delayed focusing to capture unique images of fireworks.  Click here!



Maya murals found while renovating a family kitchen.  Click here!


5 thoughts on “Art in the News!

  1. I can just imagine the look of horror on the visitors and the security guards faces as the old woman scrapes off the paint and then starts to repaint it as a hedgehog. Sends a cold shudder through me.

      1. Beware the Ninja Grandmother (and the bandersnatch). Old woman silently descending from the ceiling to practice the deadly art of ninjitsu. All the weapons they could conceal in their canes. An enter town held in fear by old ladies. Out to correct art and the world. But who would stand up to them. What hero would put a stop to them?

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