Art Links – 13 October 2012

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!

Wallbrights by Quirky.  These sticky LED pads are controlled by your mobile device with the help of bluetooth and a handy app.  Change the colors as your mood hits.  How fun are these?  Click here!

Flayed San Bartolomeo with his own Skin by Marco d’Agrate, 1562. Photo by WeiWong Cylcling & Photography

Marco d’Agrate produced this hyper-realistic anatomical statue of Saint Bartholomew in 1562.  It resides at the Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano).  Click here!

X-rays and spectral imaging reveal unknown details about famous paintings.  Click here!

Artist Gwen Murphy creates faces in shoes for her Foot Fetish Series of sculptures.  Click here!

This is a very cool gallery of 3D illusion street art!  Click here!

Ben Heine does amazing work in his Pencil vs. Camera series.  Click here!

The traditional haka dance as performed by the All Blacks, with translation.


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