12 Days Countdown–12/6/2012.

Text by Lynn McDaniel

Day six of the 12 days countdown addresses one of my favorite topics related to Texas A&M University—the six core values defined by the University in its vision for students, staff, faculty and former students. Working on campus is such a pleasure, because (almost without exception) the students I interact with each day are uplifting, positive role models who are seeking ways and opportunities to better themselves through education.

Here at the Forsyth, at the Stark and in the University Arts Department, we seek to provide students with the opportunity to see and experience fine art, to interact with professors and programming opportunities that will enrich their lives, and to educate our guests about the importance of the paintings, sculptures and memorials on campus. These goals are in conjunction with the core values outlined by the University, which are:
1. Excellence—Set the Bar.
2. Integrity—Character is Destiny.
3. Leadership—Follow Me.
4. Loyalty—Acceptance Forever.
5. Respect—We are the Aggies, the Aggies are we.
6. Selfless Service—How can I be of Service?

We, in the University Arts Department, strive to set the bar for excellence by providing world-class art exhibitions, which inspire students to cherish and respect art. We believe in integrity—our gallery attendants and docents help educate our guests on the proper, respectful way to view and interpret art. We are leaders in art appreciation—we strive to help our guests understand the history and importance of art. We are loyal to the University, to our patrons and to those who love and contribute to the world of art. We respect not only the artists who have different visions for what art is, but also our patrons who may or may not appreciate those visions. We strive to serve our patrons by providing education and opportunities for interaction, interpretation and personal growth.

For more information about the six Core Values at Texas A&M and the various programs and visions associated, please click here. For more information about the University Arts Department, please click here.


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