Art Spotted: Weaver Nests, Virginia, South Africa

These hanging nests were made by an undetermined species of weaver bird in the small town of Virginia, South Africa.  Weaver birds belong to the family Ploceidae and are related to finches (family Fringillidae) and are sometimes called “weaver finches.”  These birds are amazing builders and usually build large, intricate nests like these in a day or two.  They are common throughout sub-Saharan Africa and there are 23 species native to South Africa.

Nature photography, which focuses on outdoor photography of plants, animals, landscapes, and macro images of natural elements, has been around as long as photography itself.  In fact, the first photography ever taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 was a landscape image taken from his window in Saint-Loup-de-Varennes, France.  This image included ghostly renderings of trees, outbuildings, and the courtyard he could see from his room. A large part of nature photography is working to make yourself aware of the beauty and art inherent in the natural world around us.  People weren’t photographed until late 1838/early 1839, approximately 12 years after Niépce invented photography.

View from the Window at Le Gras by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, 1826, the first photograph ever taken

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